Let's move Berlin to Mallorca!

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Let's move Berlin to Mallorca!

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Por qué es importante esta petición

Could a mature country like the German-Germany agree and generate the complicity needed to initiate something that we all know is impossible?

 This campaign is part of the Confused Movement. It aims to generate debate and see how far people could go when asking for something, even when it seems to be utopian, and analyze if it's possible to agree on artistically driven collective madness.

So...What is this project about?

 It's about moving to the city of Berlin and its inhabitants to the island of Mallorca!


In an era in which words such as relocation or mobility labor are on everyone's lips, why not to go a step further and move cities which are located in unfriendly areas for human life to areas more suited?

Berlin has very long winters and no sea. Moving the city of Berlin to Mallorca would offer to all people of Berlin a better quality of life. A life where they could be much more relaxed. Not to mention providing the possibility of having a seaport from which to send and receive goods.

It has been proved that in those countries where there is little sunlight, inhabitants tend to be more bad tempered and show more signals of tiredness and irritability.

 The sun and sea would make Germany not just the economic engine of Europe, it would be an open country willing to give higher levels of happiness to the residents of her capital. Residents who have democratically chosen Mallorca as a base in which to place what we would call New Berlin.

 What are the advantages of this idea?

 - During the time that lasted the construction of New Berlin both Germany and Spain could practically touch full employment.

 - Germany would have two leading cities: One would be the Silicon Valley of artists worldwide. All great artists from around the world gathered at the former Alt Berlin due to the affordable rents that would be again been very cheap. Moreover, a new city would arise from nothing, allowing a large number of German workers to enjoy a better quality of life, thanks to the typical food on the island, as well weather and sea. Besides all the living costs like heating and electricity would be significantly reduced.

 - Spain, and Mallorca specifically, might enjoy having the motor capital of Europe on its own island with all the advantages that it means, like a good level of employment and improvement in the Spain-Germany relationship.

 - Germany would have a city-bridge across southern Europe and Mediterranean that would allow strengthening ties with all the regions of the area.

 - New Berlin will eventually become a confident city like Barcelona but with the efficiency and accountability provided by the German people.


First, we should spread this idea among the people of Berlin and ask for a referendum in which Berliners would wonder if they would be willing to move Berlin to Mallorca.

 Secondly, once there is a majority backing the idea, a government appointed technical team would investigate where the most appropriate place for the site would be.

 After researching the land on which to relocate the city and investigating what the costs would be, we would proceed to propose to the Bundestag to finance any and all costs needed for the project.

 As part of the Schengen area and within the EEC, all German citizens are entitled to live there if they want, similarly to how  today many Spaniards live in Germany and a large number of Germans reside in different Spanish cities.

 The only difference in this case is the size of the move and that Germany voluntarily place her capital in a more benign place for human life.

 After being approved by the German parliament, a group of architects would begin provisional construction of the city.

 The construction of the city should last no more than three years. To speed up this process, Berlin would hire a huge number of Hartz IV unemployed workers, unemployed Spaniards and refugees, thus during this period Spain and Germany would solve a great part of the unemployment problem. Not to mention provide employment to all those immigrants who live in Europe and have no college degree.

 After the city is built, the inhabitants of would be old Berlin could be move gradually over a period of not more than three months, starting from all official or government statements.

 All the inhabitants of old Berlin would get a house with the same features which they previously had. Those who would prefer not to renounce their previous home could continue living in it, being aware that new Berlin would become similar to old Berlin after the first few years of reunification. That means, a city full of squatters, hippies and artists from around all over the world who would see in the old Berlin its new mecca. 

 All those abandoned flats would become part of the state and would become cheap affordable rent for new inhabitants of Alte Berlin who would have to face living in a location where the cold and bad weather lasts nearly nine months a year. With the money from these leases New Berlin could be financed and the amount paid by the German parliament for the purchase of land, construction of the city and other expenses would be returned.

 The old Berlin would go as aimed at promoting and developing all kinds of arts, becoming the world's largest artistic Hub artistic center. Alongside you could visit the Alte Berlin and see how Berliners lived before. All the money from tourism would be used to continue the development and improvement of infrastructure of New Berlin, as well as to refund the money paid by the German parliament for the achievement of the project.

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Esta petición ha conseguido 15 firmas

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