Stop the Proposed Modular Housing Development at 838 Ewen from being built in New West

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 Let's keep our kids and all residents of Queensborough safe. 

I object strongly to the Proposed Modular Housing Development at 838 Ewen Avenue. Many studies and research found that there are generally more disoderly conduct charges and vandalism within 500 feet of these types of facilities. Lack of Police presence at Queensborough would not be able to adequately attend to these incidents on time.

The proposed location is within short walking distance of

Queensborough Community Centre
Queen Elizabeth Elementary School
Queensborough Middle School
Ryall Park
Child Care currently being built at Lawrence Street
Ewen Childcare Centre
Roma Banquet Hall
Old Schoolhouse Park
Red Boat Park
Park Royal Park
Thompson Landing Park
Q2Q Ferry Dock

I love Queensborough. I feel safe in this neighborhood and many have moved here because they feel the same way.

I petition the provincial government to look into other locations away from schools, parks and community center as the proposed location is not for the best interest for the residents of Queensborough, New Westminster. We have come a long way in re-shaping and re-developing our community and having this facility would put that progress into a sudden halt and would put us back many years back.

I'm not against women or against homeless people but I feel the location is ill-considered and urge our government elected officials and decision makers to relocate this project to a more suitable location.

I am against the potential for violence and mass negative hysteria it creates in our community.

Development overview:

838 Ewen Avenue, a City-owned site, has been identified for consideration as a modular supportive housing project. The proposal is for self-contained modular homes with supports for women who have experienced homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. The housing would ease some of the pressure on existing shelter spaces for women, including senior women (age 55+) who are increasingly finding themselves homeless for the first time due to high housing costs. Approximately one-third of the people in New Westminster who are homeless are women.

Proposed Modular Housing Development at 838 Ewen Avenue