Easier, more access to government support, for HUMAN BEINGS with invisible disabilities.

Easier, more access to government support, for HUMAN BEINGS with invisible disabilities.

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Started by Cristina Z

Together, let's fight for the disadvantaged people whom the system has failed. We stand for more and easier access to government support for human beings with invisible disabilities. Everyday, people with invisible disabilities are stigmatized as lazy, their conditions being dismissed as not serious enough compared to those who have it "worse", and as a result just brushed aside. Often denied the government support and funding they need, they are left to fend for themselves, pushing significantly harder than an able bodied peer, and often left to be stuck living in abusive homes or worse. Cookie cutter solution government programs, abuse shelters/transition homes, are also not of much help if someone with an invisible disability is denied access to disability benefit and supports. Individuals with invisible disabilities should be entitled to the same rights as someone who is blind or crippled. For those with invisible disabilities who are declined disability financial support due to not being "disabled enough", we call for the bar to be much lower in order to support more of our disabled friends, family, peers, and fellow community members. As Canadian citizens, we also have the right to bodily autonomy, and the right to refuse treatment for whatever personal reason. We also stand against the requirement of mandatory treatments/medications in diagnosed patients in order to qualify for disability benefits. We understand that people have all sorts of very valid reasons to not undergo treatments, and what they need (disability benefits/supports) should not be held against them because of this--To do so would be a massive violation of their basic human rights. In the end it should be their bodies, their choice, regardless of reason. We are all entitled to basic human rights of wellbeing, safety, bodily autonomy, basic needs being met, and the disabled (whether invisible or not), should be no exception. Together, let's fight for the rights, supports, and funding of those with invisible or "less serious" disabilities. Thank you in advance for signing our petition, your support means the world to us.

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16 have signed. Let’s get to 25!