Allow accredited driving schools to provide road tests in BC!

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What if accredited driving schools, with their professional instructors, were able to provide road tests to help lessen the overwhelming and continuing backlog ICBC faces?   Accredited driving schools approved by ICBC a to provide the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP).  Realistically who, other than ICBC, is better qualified to provide road tests than these professional instructors? 

This frees up ICBC to administer road tests for those who haven't invested in driver training.  ICBC could still charge their fees, the accredited schools could charge a fee to the student to offer the road test, its a WIN-WIN !

I have a young driver at home who has been looking forward to driving for as long as I can remember.  Many of us do. How long will he now have to wait to get a a road test? 

If our Government can support other small businesses and students they MUST be willing to consider this proposal.  It helps ICBC, without them loosing money, it helps local business(s), and it helps the students, most of whom need a drivers license to get work!!! WIN-WIN-WIN