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Government of Australia: Stopp your shark kill plan!

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The government in West Australia has launched a shark hunting scheme which will allow fishermen to hunt and kill any large sharks that go near popular beaches.

One kilometre “kill zones” have been set up around the busiest stretches of shoreline. The government’s fisheries minister Troy Buswell calls it a “selected and targeted policy” believing that the killing of sharks near popular beaches will bring an end to the recent spate of shark-related deaths. This shark killing plan is an absolutely scandal. Fatal shark attacks off the coast of West Australia happens no more than once every eight years. Six death have been recorded in the last two years. Obviously the government in West Australia is getting nervous and fearing that tourism could slow down and profit will be less in the future. 

Over 90 million sharks get killed every year! Sharks are the most important fishes in the ocean! They are highly endangered and face extinction! If sharks get wiped out of the ocean, the whole ecosystem will collaps! Sharks need worldwide protection! Humans cannot live on a planet with a dead ocean!  

The ocean belongs to the Fish and definitely NOT to the surfers, or swimmers! Sign this petition to fight against the extiction of sharks and for the survival of the ocean!        

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