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No Australian Uranium for Indian Nukes

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To, the Government of Australia.

India is a non signatory to NPT and CTBT, therefore Australian decision to sell uranium to India will be a huge blow to the global non poliferation efforts. It will not only start a nuclear arms race in Asia, including India, China and Pakistan but will also jepoerdise global efforts to control fissile materials. India is busy developing unannounced nuclear reactors and fast breeding reactors to produce weapons grade uranium for nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, right after it started a nuclear arms race in 1973 in the South Asian region. India is a nation which twice conducted unilateral nuclear tests which not only started a nuclear arms race in South Asia but also jeoperdized peace and security in the region.

Such a decision will mean that Australian uranium will be used for Indian nuclear weapons, because despite Australian govt's statements, there is simply no viable control machanism which will allow Australia to make sure that its uranium will be used for peaceful purposes only. India has rrefused to allow IAEA from inspecting its critical nuclear facilities and to keep an account of its fissile materials for decades. If India doesn't allow IAEA inspections than how does Australian govt lead by liberal PM Tony Abbott expect to have a level of access to Indian nuclear reactors which even IAEA doesn't have?

We want the Australian govt to stop uranium sale to India and to stop jeoperdizing regional peace and balance of power in South and greater Asia.

No Australian uranium for Indian nukes.


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