Extend or pause our visas due to COVID-19

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So many people on temporary visas such as Working Holiday Visa, have unfortunately had to return home early due to the pandemic. Even those who are currently still in Australia are being severely effected by this. We came to this beautiful country to work and explore, but sadly cannot do this now. Moreover, we have worked hard and paid a lot of money for our visas. Many people have not been in the country for long, so still have months left on their visa. However, by the time this pandemic is over, many visas will be expired and unfortunately most people cannot simply reapply for a new one. Therefore, we are requesting that something should be done for us.

I am suggesting things that could be done:
*Pausing our visas from the date we leave and then allowing us to resume once we return to Australia after the pandemic.
*Extending visas
*Letting people reapply for a new one (at no cost).