Defer INTERNATIONAL STUDENT’s Tuition Fee during COVID-19 economic crisis in Australia

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Covid 19 having a devastating affect on small businesses, workers and non - salaried and casual student employees and their sponsors. Deferring tuition fee or concessions in payments for the duration of the Covid-19 virus pandemic would relieve financial pressure of international students. We don’t have any kind of social protection here, all that they had addressed is for citizens. Scott Morrison (Govt. of Australia) should give some supportive statements for international students’s health, study and living concerns. As Govt. of Australia knows Coronavirus pandemic already affected global health and economy, they should take care of international students as well as their citizens because from decades international students helps to boost Australian economy and skilled professionals demands. We’re not asking for free studies like Europe but at least some deferments for tuition fee and rents as universities turned to online for one semester (at this time). Even we’re not using universities infrastructure and online course fees is nearly half than on campus fee. We understand this is hard time for everyone specially for the government but international student don’t have options to pay their tuition fee at this economic crisis (sponsored families and employers are effected). We hope PM Scott Morrison will do something for international students.

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