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Ban unethical and irresponsible journalism.

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Guwahati has been hit by a terribly shocking incident of a girl being molested by a group of twenty men, beating her up mercilessly before stripping her clothes and molesting her in one of the busiest roads of Guwahati. The Incident did not happen with the 20 men and the girl alone in the busiest road but present there people from media, who filmed the entire molestation without fail and made it viral on youtube. On watching that video, it would send chill up your spine to see men giggling and enjoying the video-making session. The so called media people who ought to be concerned about the well being of the society have mindlessly put the video on their channel for the greed of TRP. Instead of calling the police, since there wasn't any police present in the busiest road of guwahati, or lending her a hand, they have ended up enjoying the immoral character assassination of the girl while the girl was shouting and crying for help and trying to cover her face at the same time.

The other day, media flashed all the girls who roam around wearing shorts in Guwahati. This has been justified by the higher authorities. Instead of concerning oneself with the safety and insisting on imposing strong police protection, these are the steps being taken. It has become a matter of great concern among us, who are in a constant battle between getting flashed in the news and taking embarrassment to a whole new level and between being safe in Guwahati.

We agree that the video has helped us catch the three criminals, but the need to flash it on TV is nothing but immoral, careless and unethical journalism which leads to traumatizing and psychological impact on the victim's mind which might take a lot of time to undo the impact caused. How safe are we in Guwahati? There were no police posted in the busiest road of Guwahati, no traffic police even and media present there, instead of taking care of the situation and calling for police help, mishandled the situation in the best way possible. Also, since there is no law in the constitution or any state law which defines what a girl must wear on road, media must not be allowed to flash girls who dress scantily according to them and flash it on TV. Scarring a person for life by such display in the name of journalism is completely disturbing, raises questions in every mind and people being constantly attacked by it, is a very sad situation in the city.

We have tolerated long enough and we need action to be taken. We need responsible journalism in the city, banning the license of immoral unethical and careless journalism and strong police protection for people, especially girls.

Initiative by : Kasturi Ratan Verma, Priyanjana Das and Shruti Sarma Hazarika.

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