Parvathipuram should be made as a new district.

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The agenda of this movement is 

Parvathipuram- the 2nd largest municipality in Vizianagaram district should be made as a separate district with headquarters at parvathipuram. A protest going on from last 30 years, as the voices of parvathipuram people haven't slept.

Why, because it already has all the prerequisites and infrastructure to be required for a district headquarter. Like ...

1. It is one of the oldest municipalities. (1959) in north-east Andhra Pradesh with more than 1.5 Lakh population.

2. A British time old revenue devision from 1935.

3. Parvathipuram is regional headquarteres of ITDA (From 1979). The main center for tribal people in between Srikakulam and visakhapatnam districts.

4. Parvathipuram is already a postal division

5. It has good connectivity with other cities in both roadways and railways. It has a good connectivity with nearby cities like Bobbili, Salut, Vizianagaram, Vishakapatnam, Rayagada, Palakonda and etc.

6. Better transport facilities due to available two railway stations and two bus stations.

7. It's a gateway city from Andhra Pradesh to Odisha. There are huge daily business imports and exports between Rayagada and Parvathipuram.

8. It is already a hub for educational institutions. There are a lot of schools and colleges available. Also Students from Odisha comes here for better education.

9.  Had a huge market yard, to where farmers from more than 200 villages and 3 mandala comes to sell their yields.

10. It Has many tourist attractions like Thotapalli reservoir, oldest Rubber Dam in Asia, Nagavali river, ITDA park, Gumpa temple, 

11. Two oldest police stations from 1908.

12. A British time district level court (1865).

13. Has all government and private hospital facilities.

14. No water scarcity due to Thotapalli reservoir.

15. Has all public sector and rural bank bank branches.

16. No need to build separate government offices and infrastructure as already available.

17. Lot of government lands are available.

18.In addition to the above, Parvathipuram has its own bus depot, RTO office, postal zonal office, ITDA office, 150 bed district hospital, Police ASP & OSD offices,  and etc.  

In view of the above and in view of the raising voices from the people of parvathipuram, it is requested to Government of Andhra Pradesh to make parvathipuram as a new district with headquarters at parvathipuram only. If it gets real,

1. Many unemployed will gets an opportunity to get some job.

2. Urbanization will get started in all nearby undeveloped tribal areas.

3. There will be a huge business escalations between parvathipuram and Rayagada.

4. ITDA will get a seperate dedicated funds by which tribal people will get benefitted.

So, the final hope of people of Parvathipuram and its surrounding areas is "Parvathipuram District".