Encourage Young Innovative Idea's in Through Indian Television Reality Shows

Encourage Young Innovative Idea's in Through Indian Television Reality Shows

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Eliyas C started this petition to Government of Andhra Pradesh and

Dear All,

How are you? Hope you're doing well and safe.

Though students mind cannot defined by any parent or lecture, but to my perception student can mould his mind as per the suggestions given by the parents in a meaningful manner.

My intention is to Encourage Young Innovative Ideas in Indian Television. There are some Television shows which are showing as physical activities like dance Reality Shows, Comedy Shows, Interview shows etc. to get more TRP ratings. Just remember of Start-ups, it's a entrepreneur cell which show case the talent. Our government has started very innovatively to encourage start-up, but majority of people don't know about what exactly the start-up is meant for.

Encourage Entrepreneur Cell in Television Channels.
Make sure to promote innovative ideas as part of Television Shows.
Make Idea to explore the world with Electronic Media.
Encourage investment funding with respect to the idea.
Each and every Regional Language should Encourage the Start-up and introduce a separate reality show for the Young Innovative Entrepreneurs to Ensure their Talent with funding on behalf of our India's top most business persons.

First we would like to thank our Indian Government for encouraging young talented persons as much of taking initiative to give raise a part of Innovative Projects.

From my Intermediate college days we have a passion to do something Innovative, so that we initiated to start a website which is completely educational related which can be useful for the Rural area students and Urban students. When we initiated to do so, there are many stipulated questions in our mind to take it into public and media. But not even single person will ensure to help this. But, our passion made to promote our idea and started in the year 2012 as Mould Your Career(Former) now it is changed as "Manavidya.net". Conducted seminars, workshops and many more. In a single session we have given our speech to 10,000 students. Motivational speech took us a great Speaker and Knowledge Innovator.
Now, the website Manavidya.net has given raise to maximum users.

Apart from this website we as a team has started Kisanwale.com an online platform for Indian Farmer's. But the thing is we don't have enough support to pitch out the idea.

We are seeing many Un-related Public shows with just of Comedy entertainments but no TV Channel will focus on the student criteria. We have different type of reality shows but not even one channel doesn't take initiative to make student more Powerful.
To do so , I initiate to Conduct a TV Reality show for the Innovators to express their idea's and make as to start-ups.

Government is supporting for Start-ups but no exactly a schematic criteria is not working. So, please host a show for the idea's and spot funding to the idea to get into market and to become an entrepreneur. The panel of judges can scrutinized about the idea which after the presentation. On behalf of My knowledge and innovation I suggest this idea to empower students.

Like me no other Student should struggle. So , I made a file of petition to change them. I am innovative and have very different business idea's but there is no support in terms of financial support. Hope this will change our young talented people.

Hopeful entrepreneurs get the chance to bring their dreams to fruition when they present their business ideas to a panel.

Hope our petition will make sure to change the mindset and waiting for Producer's from the TV Shows to host the show.

Thanks & Regards.

13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!