Trade the Canadian Energy Centre (“War Room”) for Teachers and Health Care Staff

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Albertans need to take a stand and let the Government of Alberta know where our spending priorities are. Sign this petition to help get Alberta back on track.

Let’s spend our tax dollars better and invest where it matters - in Albertans - and trade the War Room incompetence for more of the highly qualified teachers and health care staff we need. $30 million/year can go a long way to help everyday Albertans in everyday life.

A summary:

1) Concerns over funding for public education, cutbacks to teachers, and quality of public education 

2) Concerns over delisting of public health care services and staffing levels

3) New York Times Article (“Global Financial Giants Swear off Funding an Especially Dirty Fuel”)

4) Embarrassing press coverage about the Energy War Room’s immature response to the New York Times article (take a look at the February 12 Bloomberg article)

The Canadian Energy Centre (“War Room”) has shown itself to be ineffective, incompetent and embarrassing over and over again. 

Let’s get the Alberta Government to invest those funds ($30 M/yr) in our competent and hard working teachers and nurses instead. That’s better value for our tax dollars for sure!