Tracy Allard must resign.

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Although she has resigned from her position as minister of municiple affairs, Tracy Allard remains an MLA. This means she will still receive her salary, but no longer have any responsibilities attached to her title. 

This is NOT acceptable. The UCP think they can pander to the public without actually taking any action.

We were promised the ability to recall our MLAs and they went back on their word at the first possibility. 

Call an election, NOW. Anything less is cowardice. 


Tracy Allard has shown an utter disregard for her constituents by travelling to Hawaii for vacation in violation of provincial and federal travel restrictions. As the Vice Chair of Emergency Response she should have been in the country overseeing vaccine roll out. She violated the rules she herself created and by doing so she shows nothing but contempt for the people of Grande Prairie and the province in which she resides.

Not ony did she spend christmas in Hawaii, she posted a photo of herself in the legislative building on Dec 24th to decieve the public into thinking she was still in Alberta. 

Resign NOW.