Support Struggling Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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With the recent cancellation of K-12 schools, many parents dependent upon school time to go to work are forced to compromise their jobs and income to care for their children at home. This petition is targetted to gather support and awareness for economically struggling parents. Daycares are costly and, for some families, entirely unfeasible. According to a 2018 Child Care Survey, on top of subsidy, low-income families are paying over $300 for childcare. Moreover, due to the corona virus pandemic, many careers are also facing staffing and hourly cutbacks. With prediction of a recession on the horizon, it is entirely unreasonable to expect a family to be able to support their children, maintain their income, and persist intact through this time of dramatic change. In this time of anxiety, we need to come together and support the areas of our community that are directly impacted not only healthwise but also financially. With economic support, be it in the shape of additional income or the development of affordable childcare alternatives, not only will families receive the backing required to maintain themselves but we will also minimize the lasting economic consequences of the pandemic.