Justice for the Four-Legged Family members

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In Alberta, possibly all of Canada, motor vehicle operators have no legal obligation to stop if they hit an animal. Whether they injure or kill the animal, they are allowed to keep driving without repercussions. This is regardless of whether they’re distracted driving, speeding, or intentionally hit the animal. Accidents do happen, but coming forward and owning up to them is another. 

As it stands right now, the owner of an animal at large that was struck by a vehicle can be held accountable for the damages incurred from the incident. It doesn’t matter that this owner just lost a part of their family, they have to foot the bill, and be left with both a hole in their heart and pocket. 

We are wanting to take action to have this changed. We are seeking help to have justice served to the families who lost a part of their heart to reckless, ruthless, and/or irresponsible drivers. 


EDIT: It’s been brought to my attention that there are also no laws protecting our furry family members that have been stolen from their families. This also needs to change, because last time I checked...theft and/or abduction is a crime. I’m continually baffled by the lack of compassion towards pet owners. Your support is appreciated by all.