Defund The Calgary Police

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The Calgary Police needs to be defunded. It is evident that many minorities across our city have experienced violence, aggression, carding and harassment from the police. The policing system is Canada is rooted in systemic racism that disadvantages the Black and POC community.

In 2018 the Calgary Police received 509.4 million dollars, most of that was coming from our municipal taxes. Currently 63 percent of our total municipal taxes are allocated to city services and the Calgary Police currently receives 13.93% .The Calgary Police gets the most money in city services from our municipal taxes. To put that into perspective listed below is how much money some other city services receive. Fire and EMS combined receive 7.61 percent, social programs receive 1.78 percent, public transit receives 8.54 percent, libraries receive 1.85 percent, recreation receives 1.57 percent, the environment receives 1.66 percent and arts and culture receives 0.82 percent. 

The Calgary police abuses their power. Black, Indigenous, Brown and other POC face discrimination and brutality from the police everyday. The police are also known to abuse their power when it comes to the homeless. It's way past time that we defunded the police. Instead, the money should go into the sectors that will uplift and unite our community.

We ask that the City of Calgary reassess the municipal tax budget and place it into the community. 

Please help me sign this petition so that Calgary police can be defunded.