Defend Private Property Rights in Alberta

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Are you a tenant of a rental property in Alberta? Do you own rental properties in Alberta?

Did you know that Alberta Health Services (AHS) claims they can enter a home whenever and wherever they want, without any consent, as long as it is a rental property? 

This happened in Calgary more than 10 times for tenants of 2 responsible and respected landlords. Two Calgary landowners have suffered these invasions of privacy and of their tenants' privacy and private property rights for over 3 years. On one occasion, a woman's private residence was entered by AHS inspectors without her permission while she was in the shower. This scared her out of her mind. The rationale? She was renting- this was her home for almost 2 years. This was a total violation of private property rights.

Why is this happening? AHS claims that Section 59 of the Public Health Act (click here) allows them to enter any rental property at any time for no reason at all. They claim a rental property is a public place, like a restaurant or a zoo. They are blatantly ignoring the HEADING on Section 59 which clearly states "Inspection of place other than private dwelling". Furthermore, the Alberta Government's Constitutional Law Branch has breached the public trust by defending and upholding AHS's violations of private property rights. This is a politically motivated attack on the very concept of property rights in Alberta.

What does this mean? All tenants of rental properties, even if they have lived in their home for years, can have their property invaded by AHS officials.

What can you do? Sign this petition:

We, the signers of this petition, urge the Government of Alberta to clarify and uphold the private property rights of both landlords and tenants, which are guaranteed by Alberta's Bill of Rights and Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and to hold to account AHS officials who are deliberately and clearly misinterpreting and abusing Section 59 of the Act, including blatantly ignoring the heading "Inspection of place other than private dwelling". Also, we urge the Government of Alberta to publicly deal with politically motivated public officials who are enabling this intrusion of our freedoms in this Province.