Closing universities, schools and public places to prevent the virus from spreading more

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In the past 4 days, there are at least 19 cases of coronavirus detected in Alberta it went from 3 to 7 to 19 cases in less than 72 hours. Today Wednesday, March 11th, 2020 there are 101 cases of confirmed coronavirus cases confirmed all across Canada. Unfortunately, its a matter of time for this virus to spread and the number of cases increase and sources are estimating that if we continue to interact and go in public places, about 35 to 70% of Canadians can get this virus.

This virus has the capability to surviving in cold weather, it can stick to surfaces easily and stay there for a long time activated and if a person is infected, it takes at least two weeks for them to show symptoms. There is still no official cure for this virus and since its a very strong virus it is better for everyone to stop interacting with each other.

Prevention can be a key in this situation, therefore on behalf of all Albertans and Canadians in general, we are asking the government to start shutting down public places such as schools and universities because these places can be the main place for the virus to spread in its fastest speed. For students that are concerned, we are suggesting that universities and schools put online classes and online tests for a safer future and in the prevention of spreading the disease.