JACINDA ADERN Our little lives left behind matter, Keep it calm after the killer storm.

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For any family any parent and any child that is involved in any loss it is important that the right help is sought.  I was left to fend for myself with my children being witness to my own break downs my own turmoils my own struggles at navigating the system and my own debilitating self. With so very few supports if any. I was then inclined to relocate to another city in order to seek the right support only to find out it seems it is nation wide i have tried to engage with many organisations to no avail.
People in such predicament should be provided adequate support services that tackle the direct needs that a person/family may be enduring during suicide aftermath, during any aftermath for that matter so that our children witness the help given and not be observant of the many struggles the families have to go through in order just to sought such help. Yes there are many support services but very few tackle direct needs, as suppose to lack of funding. Thus leaving many unsettling results for the future. If an inquiry were made to the government about this. New initiatives can be looked into. This will impact the growth of a child, this will impact family members also and this may possibly help towards a decline in our mental health and suicide rates.
No child needs to grow up watching elder members/sole parent go through such hardships just in seeking out the right help and support. The frustration and all that comes with it reflect on the children and my passion and intent is to STOP our young lives from being accustomed to the same struggles they may pick up on. STOPPING THE CYCLE. This can very much become an issue as to why so few ask for help.. The stress is not worth it.. And this is not right.