Government must provide Protective Gear for Pakistani Medical Professionals COVID-19

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Pakistan's cases of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) are rapidly increasing. However, the government has still failed to provide appropriate protective equipment to its health professional including doctors, nurses and health workers.

Medical professionals are the first line defenders in this health outbreak and without protective gear, we fear to risk our already minimum resources. Personal Protective Equipment includes - Masks, gloves, gowns, hazmat gowns, head caps, shoes, and aprons.

Thus, the Government of Pakistan should:
1. Provide appropriate protective equipment and disinfectants to all health professionals including doctors, nurses and medical staff at public and private hospitals. Mandate the use of protective gear, equipment, disinfectants for all public and private hospitals and facilities and arrange spot-checks to ensure compliance.

2. Issue guidelines for citizens on mandatory reporting to hospitals before arriving at waiting rooms/hospitals in the case of symptoms. One affected citizen can infect all unprepared health professionals, waiting room and reception staff.

3. Issue mandatory isolation guidelines for affected medical staff and patients. Create separate wards and isolation sections for COVID-19 patients to avoid risk to other patients and at-risk populations.

4. Establish patient-contact databases listing symptoms and whom the patient contacted and establish quarantine guidelines for patients, families and contacted individuals with strict protocols.

5. Government officials Assistant commissioners, Deputy commissioners and Police should be mobilized to guide the public and ensure isolation and social distancing. 

6. The government should announce one Hospital per city as the reporting center for corona and in that government can provide all protective stuff and appoint doctors from all over the city to work. Other hospitals can be used to provide screening.

7. Government needs to stop intercity movement. With recent office closures, employees traveling to their native towns from big cities risk carrying the infection to small cities where there are no hospitals. This will increase the patients influx on tertiary care hospitals in major cities.

8. The government should issue guidelines for the media (print and others) to limit access, gathering at health facilities and ensure they maintain distance to avoid transmission and maintain patient and health professionals' privacy. To avoid this, Government should inform and update the citizens regularly about the situation, number of patients and measures taken to avoid sensitization, panic and uncertainty.

Your help in making this possible will save many health professionals who are risking their health, and that of their families and loved ones (when they return homes) from exposure to a dangerous virus. The health of our nation is in the health of our medical professionals and their expertise. Please vote to urge the Government of Pakistan to support our health professionals (doctors, nurses, staff and health workers) who cannot stay in their homes, work from homes and are fighting for all of us!

The government should reallocate resources from its budgets for this emergency. These are extraordinary circumstances and need extraordinary measures.