Mental health

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I was in hospital last year with my mental health, I was on benefits, I had one took off me and I was struggling to keep my flat and everything running with little money I had coming in at that time, also trying to get out a debt at the same time. A friend of mine struggled with mental health for years, he said to me while I was in hospital last year that he wanted to admit himself in but he couldn’t as he’d lose his house, job etc, this has caused suicide abroad, his via and insurance had expired so we as a family of Doncaster had to raise £16,000 to get his body home and give him the send off he deserved.  I feel this has to change because people that work and are on their own can’t get the help they need because they’ll lose everything in the process. Things need to change with people worrying they’d lose everything over their mental health  because the way the system have let Carl down is disgusting! Let’s save life’s!!

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