#MakeBeautySafe: Make the unregulated beauty industry safer for consumers

#MakeBeautySafe: Make the unregulated beauty industry safer for consumers

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Started by BABTAC

BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) launches Make Beauty Safe: a campaign to make the unregulated beauty industry safer for consumers

The lack of regulation in the beauty industry in the UK is seriously alarming. There is nothing to stop someone with little or no training from establishing themselves as a seemingly professional therapist.

An unnerving thought considering the huge number of beauty salons and practitioners (estimated at 50,000 salons and 300,000 employees currently in the UK*), and beauty treatments which, if performed incorrectly, could cause serious harm to an individual’s health. And this is not just limited to the advanced treatments such as laser, micropigmentation and skin needling, but even the more routine ones like waxing and lash extensions that can have severe consequences. There’s also the hugely popular trend of injectables to be considered, where the risks of complications can be devastating.

What does BABTAC want to be done about this?

BABTAC, with the support of other industry leaders including the British Beauty Council are working to campaign for change in government legislation.

Lesley Blair, Chair at BABTAC says, “we need accountability, we need regulation. Now more so than ever. With confusion around COVID safety measures, a clear code of conduct needs to be established to ensure safety of all those encountering the beauty industry – be it professionally or personally.

There are so many issues to contend with. From two-day courses selling themselves as reputable qualifications to unqualified practitioners administering injectables, without the means to deal with any complications should they arise. We need a government regulated standard across all areas of beauty. Without this standardisation, we will never be taken seriously as an industry and will continue to compromise consumer safety.”

Sign the petition and BABTAC will then send a letter to the government laying out the steps they are urging them to make.

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Visits @babtac on Instagram or the BABTAC Make Beauty Safe hub here for further details.

*2017 HBC/BABTAC Economic Impact Assessment Report

6,632 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!