Make Universal Credit More Beneficial to Working Mums

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Currently if you are a working parent claiming Universal Credit there is a barrier in place whereby if you earn over £409 (which is roughly 10-12 hours depending on what you earn) then for EVERY POUND THEREAFTER 63 PENCE IS DEDUCTED - THAT'S 63%!!! So this means that you cannot benefit entirely by working more hours because it comes back out again automatically! Absolute disgrace keeping those who want to earn more in can families survive?

One month I was incorrectly changed onto a different tax code and the following month this was rectified but because the earnings came in at £480 that month £45.54 was taken off me!! So I was heavily penalised because of an error made by HMRC and needless to say Universal Credit are deflecting liability as are HMRC! So someone somewhere is richer and all because of these barriers in place to prevent people in less fortunate positions like myself from becoming more financially stable.

So when my children are at school and I have a bit more free time I will want to increase these hours. But what is the point? For 63% of it to go into someone else's pocket? How could this possibly be deemed to be beneficial? Who in the right mind wants to willingly put in all their efforts to earn a measly 37% of what they actually should earn? I am absolutely astounded at this and I want someone to look into this and actually see the impact it is causing. For the future of Scotland this needs to change. Please pass this on and even if you do not currently receive such benefits maybe one day you will need the service so please consider this as a barrier for all. If it does not affect you directly right now it could be affecting your family, friends,neighbours, colleagues etc. THIS HAS TO CHANGE!