Make the Police serve and protect us again.

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For 10 years now, our family business has gone through difficult times. We have suffered with multiple robberies and we are still awaiting justice.

On the 1st May and 24th May 2017 a group of men broke into our yard and stole £1,500 worth of stock. We had CCTV of this incident which we shared on social media and we luckily found most of our stock. However, we contacted the police multiple times and we were under the illusion that something was being done about this. We have just found out the statements taken by the two officers, who came with us to the property to retrieve our items, did not forward the statements. This is disgusting. My family need justice, we need payment for the metal fence they broke into, which was hundreds of pounds, and the broken items that we cannot sell. These thieves live close to our business and my family are in danger everyday when they working. We had so much evidence against the thieves but it is all gone now because the statements weren't forwarded and no one cares. 

But this isn't the only time. We had a man pay over £6,000 on fraudulent cards and we told the police. They told us to take more payments from him so he didn't get suspicious and later did nothing about this. We had over £6,000 worth of stock taken from us and we had to pay all of the money back to the original cardholders. My Father told them to follow him when he went to deliver some of the products that he was told to take but they said they "do not have the resources" to do this. How could this be? Why does this country not have the right police to protect us?

Another incident was when some men broke into the yard and stole £15,000 worth of stock. Nothing was done. This is a lot of money taken from my family and all we ask is for justice. So I ask you, I beg you, please sign this petition and help me get justice, not just for me but for everyone who has ever been ignored by the police. The police are supposed to serve and protect us but this no longer happens. 

Thank you all so much for your support. 


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