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This is important because many children are being harmed and the government has to do something about this, before its too late...

Letter to
American Humane Association
dc department of parks and recreation
Metropolitan Police Department
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Mayor's office Mayor Vincent Gray
Child safety is very important. We are writing this petition for child safety in public areas. We think that the government isn't doing their best. We have interviewed and contacted important organizations and we have done research about child safety. Public areas like parks and recreation centers should be safe but really aren't. We think that the government and Parks and Recreation Centers of DC should do something so we can have a safer community. Children should be safe everywhere even in their own homes. Every day 5 children die because they are abused. That's 1,825 children every year! If children don't feel safe at home then what are the chances of children being safe in other public areas? 203,000 children are kidnapped each year... Public areas are not safe, the government should do something! About 35,800 children are raped in North America. We think that children should be safe and that in any area everyone should be secure no matter how old you are. Statistics prove that children are not safe and that we need to have something like a law to prevent these cruel things that are happening to innocent children. They're organizations that are formed for child safety. They help parents understand the causes of child abuse. They are organizations that help people become great parents. For example the American Humane Association (AHA) prevents cruelty, abuse, and neglect of children. The AHA offers education and training to parents. The Childhelp organization helps victims of child abuse and neglect. Clearly, they are groups that help child safety, but why are children still not safe in parks, schools and other public areas? We interviewed Ingrid Gutierrez from the Office of Latino Affairs. Ingrid gave us alot of information about child safety. Sammy Gallardo asked her some questions and she gave us answers that helped us understand what the mayor is doing for child safety. Please visit to see Ingrid’s interview.
We also interviewed Officer Rivera, a police officer for the DC area. Carlitos Javier asked her questions and she explained her thoughts on child safety. She shared some stories on how she saved a child from abuse. She was very helpful for our petition because we learned some information on how other people help children. While the government isn´t doing a great job on this issue, members inside our community are helping! We think that the government should do something! Parks and recreation centers should be safe! Please make a change, because many children need help and need to be safe! Be the Change!

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