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Love and Respect Parents-not to be Cursed or Abandoned

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Parents are one of the precious human beings God has created. They play the biggest roles in our development; it may be mental, physical, financial, or even career development. They are the persons whom were there to support us when we had our first walk, talk, meal, etc. Since our parents brought us into this world, and became our companion through our ups and downs, we should treat them with utmost candor (honesty and sincerity). However, as I have observed in today's generation, teenagers lack respect towards their parents and this should not be the case! 

Children nowadays are unaware that not only are they aging, but also their parents as well. They spend most of their time with their peers doing prohibited activities such as smoking, drinking, and loitering rather than helping and accompanying their old aged parents at home. In line with this, report of teenagers lacking respect towards their parents are rapidly increasing. Insults, name calling, ignored requests, sarcasm, and bad manners are only a few of the things that teenagers do as a form of disrespect. 

As a teenager, I want to put up this petition to raise some awareness. We, teenagers need to increase our patience more because our parents are aging. We should give them the care and respect they deserve. Never NEGLECT them, instead LOVE them! 


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