Lift Cigarette Sales Ban in South Africa

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As a smoker i have the kegal right to smoke, and with the lockdown in South Africa is taking that legal right away by simply banning completely the sales of Cigarettes, thereby just making illegal Cigarettes market stronger, a better way will be to limit smoking to my house, especially since we are already under a very severe lockdown.

The strong handed approach to this level is not conducive to my freedom as a citizen and makes no sense whatsoever, and citing that it spreads Covid is like saying breathing also spreads Covid...its a crazy environment.

Whilst as a smoker I understand that smoking in public areas has its issues, I cannot understand why it must be banned to the level that i cannot buy a cigarette, which i have been doing for 40 years.

I also cannot understand that because 2000 people said they are against the sales of cigarettes, out of 56 million people can dictate to more than 12m smokers to just stop smoking, it makes no sense.

The aim of this petition is to get millions to petition this issue.