Legalise Recreational Use Of Marijuana In Australia

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Petition For The Legalization Of Recreational Use Of Cannabis In Australia 

Legalising in Australia will lower the crime rate by 50% as most people who use the illegal ‘drug’ are everyday workers , smoke/consume in the privacy of there own homes, not harming even a fly.. 

How It will lower the crime rate:

More than 50% of all crimes are involved with drugs.. Naming weed as an ‘illegal’ drug makes up for at least 30% of drug offences.

decriminalising or legalising cannabis will cut the crime rate in half.

cannabis is used in the medical field to cure / treat certain illnesses.

but cannabis is also a better alternative to alcohol in many ways

each year countries all over the world are slowly legalising weed for recreational use.. why not put australia on the map for the marijuana friendly country?

For example: California From Jan 2018 Legalised  - there has been a dramatic change/ lower of the crime rate.

More Than half of australians use this beautiful plant.. including ‘police, nurses, lawyers.. doesn’t matter what profession they have.. people smoke it , regardless of the legalatily of the said ‘drug’ 

Legalising Weed , And enforcing the same laws they enforce for alcohol will be fair.

and of course, if you make it legal.. the government will get there bit from it because they can chuck tax on dispensarys.. 


everybody is happy.


Thank you for reading 

We Can Make A Change!