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Everyday, these poor voiceless, defenseless creatures are subject to neglect, torture and torment, some are deliberately starved to death while others don't get water to drink, and some get chained up outside with no shelter from the elements. Cats are being microwaved until their internal organs are cooked, or worse, until they explode.   dogs are set on fire, they are also chained up to car bumpers and dragged to their deaths, some dogs are bred and raised to fight to the death. All in the name  of entertainment by most of these abusers, and worse yet these entertaining  acts are performed by the young as well as the old.

Congress, legislators and judges we are FED UP with animal abusers getting a slap on the wrist and a "tsk tsk" for their HORRIFIC cruelty, it is long overdue that the minimum sentence begin at 5 years in prison and a $5000.00 fine per offense.

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Citizen against animal abuse needs your help with “Government Lawmakers and Judges, WE DEMANd LONGER PRISON TERMS FOR ANIMAL ABUSERS”. Join Citizen against animal abuse and 1,139 supporters today.