Law for Police to identify deceased relatives

Law for Police to identify deceased relatives

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My brother died quite recently despite him having both ID and a NOK on his medical records nothing was done by the Police or Coroners to locate his family . Both parties failed to identify my brothers family despite a friend coming forward just five days before the funeral went ahead.  The Coroners continued to give the council the go ahead to cremate my brother and failed to consider the family right to attend to their loved ones funeral. 

The family was eventually contacted on Facebook by a friend of my brothers regarding his funeral. We never was contacted by the Police or Coroners despite information coming forward from my brothers friend. We immediately made contact with the Coroners and were informed that my brother had already been cremated. Obviously deeply concerned by the circumstances we requested information from the Coroners who then started to abuse the family in regards to our contact and love of our brother. We obviously had no idea he had passed away and are shocked and disappointed with the lack of law regarding the Police and Coroners responsibilities to locate the family . In my brothers case three phones were seized which were noted by the police as not working , two of the three worked they simply needed to be charged. There was also a confusion on my brother being America although none of his personal ID ever points to this fact,  or did the Police contact the America Embassy which is law . My brother has never even been to America. 

The response recently received is there is no direct policy in place from the government regarding the actions of the Police,  so they can just decide if they want to locate family or not .  I hope you will agree this is absolutely unacceptable as we all know what the Police can be like regarding pubic members which they feel may have committed a crime based on race or gender .  The Police and Coroners even failed to investigate my brothers death correct , the person present  with my brother at the time of death left without ever being interviewed by the Police and the Police failed to note the Suspicious circumstances of his death. 

The police also failed to consider the  evidence taken from the scene, as well as the three phones , a note book containing passwords to his gmail account and other accounts were simply taken and stored as evidence. 

The government must change the law immediately as every single person deserves the right to say goodbye to their relative. The Police should not have the right to choose what individuals that will be .