Kill by knife....get life

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We recently lost a very, very good local man, Christian Thornton on 11th August 2019. He was murdered by a man who Christian had phoned the police on a week earlier due to having his and his families life threatened. A week later Christian was fatally stabbed multiple times. Christian helped his local community to raise much needed funds for charities, such as the Halton haven hospice and CALM (campaign against living miserably) and he would help anyone that needed it. He was a father to three beautiful young children, he was a husband, brother, uncle and a friend to so many people who will miss him so much.

Knife crime is on the increase in the UK and the sentence should fit the crime. I feel that if you take a life using a knife, then you should serve a life sentence in prison with no chance of release. 

Furthermore, I feel that knife attack’s that are not fatal should be given a harsher sentence to try and act as a deterrent from committing these violent acts. 

Not only are the victims lives ended and families destroyed but the killer/attackers family are also destroyed. There is not just one victim in these crimes!

Please help us to get harsher sentencing for knife crime. We need to save our communities.