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Keep individuals who commit horrific crimes incarcerated longer (e.g. Vince Li)

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Amend the Criminal Code in Canada to change the Not Criminally Responsible Due to Mental Disorder verdict.  Individuals who commit horrendous crimes must have a longer mandatory incarceration period, whether it be in a locked mental welfare facility or a standard incarceration facility when they are deemed to be competent.  The citizens of Canada must stand up and demand better security and safety for themselves and demand which ways their tax dollars are being spent. 

The minimum incarceration period for heinous crimes deemed Not Criminally Responsible due to Mental Disorder should be at least the same for a guilty verdict of Second Degree Murder.  If the act was physically committed by the individual, regardless of the state of mind, a minimum sentence of life imprisonment with chance of parole for ten years must be enacted.  A life-long designation of High Risk Offender must also be enacted, just as the permanent duration, death, which they imposed upon their victim.  The taking of a life in such a way has to have greater weight and responsibility behind it.

As well, to reach a verdict of Not Criminally Responsible due to Mental Disorder, there must be a unanimous decision by court recognized mental health experts that an individual does indeed fit that description, not a rule by majority.  After treatment by said court recognized mental health experts, the individual needs to be assessed by mental health experts who have not had continual and regular interaction with the individual, who can then recommend an impartial and unbiased prognosis of the success of the treatment.  If the prognosis confirms that treatment has led to a corrective mental state, the individual then must be transferred to a criminal penitentiary to serve the remainder of the sentence, where they are monitored closely and made to take any prescribed medication or anti-psychotics, and thusly be judged under the law as every other Canadian is in equal measure without bias or prejudice.  Whether or not mental health professionals can, without any doubt whatsoever, accurately diagnose whether someone was truly in a state in which they had no command of their rational mind or that they have returned, unquestionably, to a state of mind that would make them no more of a risk to the general population as any other citizen, is an entirely different question.  As well, if criminal charges could be laid for misdiagnosing an individual who has committed further acts after having been diagnosed as being in a safe mental state, would so many early and quick recoveries continue for individuals who have done acts for which the country and legal system have absolutely no toleration? 

Laws and legislation need to protect and be enacted for the betterment of the completely innocent, not those deemed innocent due to technicality or opinion.  Mental health diseases exist and there is no arguing that point, but the laws and legislation enacted at present do more to protect the perpetrator of the act and not the victims.  Incarceration and treatment is paid for by citizen's tax dollars, as well as the salaries of health care officials involved in such treatment.  Taxes are going to be collected from your hard-earned salaries no matter what, so take a stand to have a greater voice as to where they are spent.

Two recent examples of this are Vince Li and Matthew de Grood.  Both, through their actions, caused multiple deaths and multiple traumas.  There is no logical or discernible argument that can be made to justify how such individuals, regardless of how much personal trauma or mental health issues said individuals have, could have the chance to join regular society after having taken the lives of so many and caused the mental health issues of so many more.  I believe we should do whatever we can to help those in need and to prevent serious or horrendous acts to take place, but once a crime has been committed it must fall to the criminal code as it is for every Canadian.  The individual can then be further treated as the courts see fit while in detention and under supervision.

Lets also not forget that through one individual's actions many other lives are ended, destroyed and negatively impacted forever.  The victims, family members, witnesses, first responders.  The laws and legislation do not work in their favour and do not work in a way to give them justice, closure or peace.  It's not justice.  It's not logical.

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