Is Wine shop, above our religious beliefs and education?

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Does income generation through wine Shop more valuable then future of our bright children, or more precious then our religious sentiments?

This pathetic conditions prevails in the locality- Titurdih of District Durg,Chhattisgarh. There is Desi wine Shop in centre of the locality, at the footsteps of Temple and is at walking distance from Primary School and Anganbadi kendra for play group children.  It is surprisingly shocking that despite of so much close distance of schools from wine shop, it haven't drawn attention of government to shift location of the same. Although as per order of various High Court, it has strict guidelines to government, that no wine shop shall be in nearby location of schools and Temple. It should be at outskirt of public area.

Situation in this locality turned worse, After Supreme court passes order for banning Wine Shop at 500m from Highways arcoss whole nation. After such order there was a tremendous increase in rush towards this wine shop because of its prime location.

Don't you think its our social responsibility to protect the mentality of children visiting this school. Apart from this our religious sentiments are also being hurted because of such worse environment persisting here.

We want nation wide contribution to raise voice to eradicate and remove such wine shops which are spoiling our bright future of children.  


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