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"Innocent people have spent years in prision, it's time to change."

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Today, As a law student and concerned citizen of India .I experience severe grief for those accused proven innocent after spending several years in jail. The latest of such incident had witnessed on February 17, 2017. Two accused namely Mohammad Hussain Fazli and Mohammad Rafiq shah were proven innocent in 2005 serial blasts in Delhi after spending 12 years in jail.
On February 3, 2017. Supreme Court acquitted Habib Hawa and Hanif Pakitwala in Gujarat tiffin blast case after they spent 14 years in jail.
On December 24, 2016. A man got acquitted of murder after spending 10 years in jail.
On May 30, 2016. Nishar ud-din Ahmad declared acquitted of Babri anniversary train blasts case after he spent 23 years in jail.
On December 10,2014. Three people from Mumbai were acquitted of a drug case ,prior to two months of completing their 10 years jail term. If the saying "Justice delayed is Justice denied" is true , then all of the above are victims of injustice. They faced immense trauma in life. Being in prison for 10-20 years despite of being innocent is living in a state of agony. They suffered rigours punishments. Missed their education, family and income for a long time. Most of them are poor and not from powerful families. Their struggle will not end after they are declared free. It still continues. They don't know what to do in their life. Don't know how to make ends meet and most importantly there are countable number of members providing jobs for such people (Due to the tag as accused in serious crimes). I wish we find a legal solution for solving this issue. I would like to provide all my support for such victims in the society and I encourage all my friends to start or support NGO's working for Uplifting of these victims and I would please request the government to provide them with financial aid , job security and other means for their misery.

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