Indian Preamble still remains a long way to reach Persons with Intellectual Disability

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Around 2-3% of the total population of Kerala are people with severe forms of disabilities which are Intellectual disability, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabilities.

The Indian Preamble of Democratic India clearly assures Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to all its citizens since 1949. Sadly we are crossing 70 years of freedom but these individuals are still surviving at the Mercy of others. Inspite of several laws, regulations and Acts passed in the Parliament, the Lives of these Voiceless Citizens of India still remains in Darkness. 

There is just one Government Special School to provide free education and special support for these sufferers. Due to the need of the society and the misery of these individuals and their families around 300 NGO's  initiated and are running Special Schools  but due to lack of Government Aid & support,  the quality of service provided gets compromised. Sarva Shiksha Abhayan (SSA) and Rastriya Shiksha Abhayan (RSA) are Government initiatives to fulfil RTE Act but due to lack of adequate resource teachers and poor infrastructure these services fails to meet it's Goals of Mainstream Education and Inclusion.

Science says that 1 in every 7 generation will be a child with some kind of Disability. Evidence  have proved that Prevention, Early Detection, Intervention and Inclusion is the successful way to improve the lives of the Differently Abled.

Can we all support this Noble Cause and get the Government's Attention to initiate  systematic steps towards:

  • 1 Government or Aided Special School in every Districts of Kerala (14 Districts).
  • Standardise the Quality of Services provided to children with disabilities.
  • Proper service with sufficient resource teachers in all SSA and RSA.
  • Proper service monitoring in all Government CDC's.
  • Social Awareness Initiatives
  • Ensure the Democratic India truly serves to provide all Human Rights to these neglected voiceless individuals and their families