Indian companies to adhere to 8-working hours per day and 5-day working week

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Increasing working hours and work stress are not just resulting in deteriorating work-life balance amongst the young adults but it is also resulting in them living sedentary lifestyles resulting in some serious health hazards. 

Working professionals don't just have to spend hours staring at a screen sitting in their chairs, resulting in eye and back related health issues, but the inhuman deadlines and targets set by clients and companies stresses them out so much that they go home with life-long illnesses like increased blood sugar levels. Fat pay-checks are offered to those who promise to over deliver at the cost of their mental and emotional well-being. 

While some survive, many succumb to the pressure and end up sticking at work until late not knowing what it is like to start a family, nurture a hobby and maintain social relationships. There are many who do not even realise what is the career they would like to make. Most are just gunning after being better at their current jobs instead. 

Setting an 8-hour work deadline will ensure and rather force this workaholic nation to go back to having a healthy work-life balance. Banning work calls post 8 PM in the evening and over the weekend will help bring down their stress a tad bit and make them pick a hobby and move towards #humfittohindiafit