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Increase Safety in High Rise Flats.

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Further to John Tyson''s Petition. I used to live in a 2 story block of flats, on the 2nd floor, with my two young daughters. Having survived a house fire as a child, I was very concerned about the higher fire risk due to the height and layout of the flat. There was only one exit which was accessible only by passing the kitchen and Gas/electric supply.

I was so worried about this that I purchased a fire escape chute and I knocked a hole (through to the same stairwell) through the wall to an external cupboard (Previously used to store COAL! !) as a 2nd exit. I installed the escape chute leading straight from the children's bedroom to the small garden at the rear of the block. Unfortunately this would NOT be practical for a higher level home.


A tragedy waiting to happen, with even worse ones possible in the future!
 I have always felt that High rise flats are unsafe, with regard to fire especially, I believe there should be an external SOLID STONE/CONCRETE Fire escape on rear of each block in the country! Creating a 'Back Door' with, preferably, a thick steel fire resistant door, with zero inflammable materials used. Thus creating a 'Back Door" exit to afford a much safer, yet still secure,  home.





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