I want to achieve the traffic polices to stop collecting huge money for fines

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Firstly i would like to stop the  fining the people with huge amount of money

There is a rule for police people and normal people people without helmet collecting  a money is not an easy thing days and days collecting the money one day when the police caught  person should pay the money

Not even 100/- or 200/- at a time collecting more than the thousands of money

Getting money is not an easy thing before collecting the fine the police team should have the minimum sense weather the person can afford or not.

After collecting the money the whole money cant got to the Head of the Government only some of the amounts only can send remaining the money the police people are taking 

All are equal before the law  this is the rule we are violating in-front of the traffic police team a police person went with out the helmet but no traffic police did not interfere why what is the reason for Eg  just replace the person police to the common man if any one found immediately the police team will stop the bike and talking rudely with common people..

Government idea is good wearing helmet and save the life but where is the equality in the police people we want the equality before fining the people he should fine himself and his police team when he travelling without helmet