How can we Reduce these Sexual Harassment? And What is the Root cause?

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The sexual Harassment,

I'm not only talking about the case that we already know, instead it includes many woman sometimes men too.. Yes there are many cases in the world like harassment by own husband or neighbors.. Most of us would have faced that craving people at-least once till now (small and big issues)

I mentioned Men also getting harassed because I heard that too, One of my cousin faced the issue like he has harassed by another man.

It is becoming more and more day by day. I'm thinking about this from many days that many people are really suffering a lot who are alive and only difference with the cases become news are extreme  and victims are not-alive or somethings like that.

First thing is ROOT CAUSE

I think the root cause of this problem is craving towards sex, and this is also one type of Emotional Disorder due to Hormone change, because if any emotion is there more than the limits, then it can be considered as a disorder. Like because of that craving in their body, they are attacking small baby's, children, friends, same gender, and even mothers. 

We are seeing so many cases, hanging or punishing the offender's, and again we are hearing new cases in same ways or sometimes worst than that. Yes, Hanging those offenders or burning them alive can be act as an antecedent to other people who has this thoughts but not fully. Because the cases which are coming into public or to the court for justice are only may be 10% or below than that.  

Second Thing is SOLUTION

A system should come:

Government should do research towards the causes behind this Craving and treatment to this type problems. Here we can't expect the change from only medicine's, they should develop something more like depressed people or mental illness treatments, something beyond medicine. 

Increase the awareness by conducting programs and explaining about the emotional changes in this extreme condition of craving towards the sex, right from the schools, colleges, and offices along with self-defence. Creating this awareness among the children is responsibility of parents too. Even parents are responsible to teach their children that How to respect to other humans?, How to respect opposite Gender?, and What are the issues that opposite gender will face in certain conditions?,

For example A Mother can explain better about the ladies problems to her son!! and It is necessary! 

If this awareness increased, they can volunteer themselves towards the treatment  and they can realize easily. Here also we can't expect 100% change. But it will be a first step for change, needs every individual support and it takes times.


If it becomes high before implementing all the above steps, government can take another step ahead and improve system,

Like every year, every man should be checked by themselves that how desperately they want to involve in sex activities. And those who are in extreme, they should be provided with treatment or something like that. 

This system will cause inconvenience to many normal people, but they can support if they want to secure their daughters or sisters and wives.

And yes, many other issues involved in this type of system like 'how everyone will get tested?', "cost', 'There is a possibility to pass this test by controlling themselves' and 'Many of our political people are Men' etc., But it is the time to take action and reduce the situations and suffers. and it is always better to concentrate the root-cause.

To All: Fight before you fall by fate!! Either it is a disorder or you are a victim!