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Help melting glaciers

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   The melting of glaciers is not something that we can see every day. Its also some thing that we dont pay much attention to. We may hear about it and things but what is causing glaciers to melt so much? Well that is global warming. From a certain time to now the global temperature has increased surprisingly. 

 Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases launched into the atmosphere. The main thing that is causing this is carbon dioxide. The increase in the global temperature causes the melt of glaciers. But what happens when the glaciers melt who is affected by this? Well definitely the animals that live there. But its not just them it affects the sea animals too. 

 How does it affect the animals? Well because their homes melt and the more they melt they will then have nowhere to live. How does it affect the sea animals too? Well, glaciers are fresh water and the sea animals need salinity in their water to survive. When glaciers melt huge parts of them melt and that is a lot of fresh water going into the ocean. 

What can we do about this? Well since carbon dioxide is the main cause, it is used to create energy. We are using that more and renewable energy sources. A big way to use renewable energy is solar power. If we put solar panels in our houses then we can help this glbal problem that affects all of us. 

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