Government Grant for Solar Panel Installations

Government Grant for Solar Panel Installations

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Why this petition matters

Started by Alessio Teoli

With the energy prices rising constantly and unfortunately grants for solar panels aren’t currently put in place, we need an incentive to help homeowners reduce their bills and go green!

It would be hugely beneficial if homeowners were to have some sort of grant in place that can help fund the cost to have solar panels installed and reduce electricity bills. 

Solar panels can be expensive to have installed but with a grant in place this can incentivise homeowners to go green and reduce their current bills. 

Homeowners are left worried with the rise of energy bills constantly increasing. 22 million households in the UK will see their bills rise by £700 per year! This is incredible and will cause a lot of stress throughout many homes in the UK.

Together we can make the UK a greener place to live and reduce our bills as much as we can by using the worlds most natural resource, the sun. 

A grant would be hugely beneficial with the cost of solar panels being installed on homes. 

Together we can reduce the ongoing rise in energy bills by having a grant in place to support homeowners having solar panels installed. 

491 have signed. Let’s get to 500!