Government should pay 3 months rent to Small Businesses

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We are small business owners of Canada are urging to help us to sustain in such critical time. We have to pay rent, wages, inventory and other bills to run our businesses in this crisis. Some of us may not even qualify for the funding you already announced. Some of us are self-employed and has to look after our family expenses, bills as well and are not qualified for EI or Business emergency funds.

In such critical time, many of us has to keep our businesses close just to support government to stop COVID-19 spread and to follow instructions of closing non-essential businesses. We are not sure when we will be running in a full capacity and whether our customers will return for the purchases or not. We are not sure, till how many days, weeks or months we need to keep our shops/businesses closed and keep paying for rents and mortgagees. So, please help us to pay 3 months rent of our shops/businesses and let us survive. It will help us to sustain in such crisis and support Canada’s economic development in future. 

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