Give sabbaticals upto 2 years in every organisation

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I badly needed a job since my early childhood due to family’s financial conditions. Hence, I focused only on academics and put every thing else on the back seat. When I turned 18, I got my job. Today I am 40 and have been working since. For the last few years, I have started feeling a great urge to pursue my much desired interests in music. However, I do not have time for it due to work timings and I cannot afford to quit my job. 


This is not only my story but also of hundreds of thousands of others like me who cannot pursue their interests which give a meaning to their life due to no such provisions of long unpaid leaves in organisations. 


A majority of people, due to absence of such interests, find void in their life and lead a depressed life. 


Hence, I request the ministry of labour and employment to recognise the right to sabbatical as a basic human right and make laws to implement the provisions of sabbaticals up to 2 years. 


This will not only help millions of people to pursue their area of interests without fear of loosing jobs, but also will create a more holistic society. The level of happiness among citizens would improve. Such an step would be a milestone in trajecting the image of the country under human rights index on the world arena.