Give cats right. My cat was killed. No one cares! Let's make them care.

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An on the lead greyhound killed my cat in front of my eyes. The owner stood there. It should never have happened a dog with high prey drive should have to be muzzled. The dog would not let go despite multiple physical attempts from people. 

My cat died slowly and in agony. My family and the witnesses are traumatized.

The police. Dog warden. RSPCA will all do nothing. 

Cats deserve the same rights as dogs or as any other creatures. Yet no one cares. I want dogs with prey drives muzzled. I want owners to be held legally accountable. I want justice for my cat and I will not stop until I get that justice 

I have had multiple messages saying that it's happened to many other people's cats many many times and nothing is done.

My cat was family. Someone killed my family member and no one will do anything.

Government DO SOMETHING. I don't ask. I demand you do something.