Get our children the help they need

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So many of our young and vulnerable children are going without the help and support of a mental health team whether it be due to lack of funding lack of staff or just being neglected by the NHS either way I our children are being made to suffer  so many children are turned away from there cahms  Service without any help or support leaving their illnesses to grow and make their lives intolerable for years until they reach their adult years where they can get the support they need our children are suffering we are in the 21st-century we are not a third world country we pay our taxes we work hard so why shouldn’t we expect our Children to get the support they need regardless of any illness that they may have alongside their mental health nip it in the bud whilst there young  Give the children’s mental health service more funding more staff acknowledge that age isn’t prejudice when it comes to mental health lets stop this while they are young instead of letting it thrive