Freedom for Transporters from Attacks

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October is transportation month, ironically which is meant to showcase the value that  transport infrastructure, services and investors add to this economy .It is horrendous to say as transporters we feel the most hopeless about the ongoing spate of violence toward drivers , ATDF attacks , xenophobia and mass truck and infrastructure burnings. This is apart from the widespread cruel inhuman and degrading treatment of foreign nationals in particular foreign truck drivers. No one is able to control this and jobs are now being lost by the minute, companies are closing and consumable goods will start getting unaffordable..

Enough is enough!!! 

As transporters we need to stand up and say in the strongest of terms that we will no longer stand in the shadows and let our business and people suffer. This will no longer be tolerated. We want the freedom to operate our business without fear, harassment and victimization. 

The time for change is now!

It matters not how strait the gate

how charged with punishments the scroll 

I am the master of my fate 

I am the captain of my soul