Free mental health medications for everyone

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So, on the NHS, contraception is free. Even if you are in full time work you won't need to ever pay for the pill etc... 

Being on a contraceptive is a personal choice, to help with periods or prevent pregnancies. It is not a medical necessity unless there are underlying health issues.

However, if you are suffering with mental health issues and need to take medication for this, and you manage to struggle out of bed every day and take yourself to work and not claim benefits... You have to pay for your prescription. And in some cases this means more than one medication at £8.80 a go, every single month.

People with mental health issues shouldn't have to worry about not being able to afford to pick up their prescription if they have high bills to pay, or if they run out towards the end of the month. They shouldn't go days without taking anything because they couldn't afford to pick up their repeat until payday.

The government say they are doing more for mental health services, that this is where they are focusing the money... So let's see them prove it!!!