Fireworks change the law

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Change the law so it is specific and enforceable

Ban selling and buying fireworks or their use to the public

only for use by registered companies with specific licences to use

restricted to 4 dates of the year for fireworks to be used 

silent fireworks or reduce the decibels 

The cost to life is too great.

The cost for extra resources needed is too great.

Fireworks continually are used in barbaric acts to animals and humans and service providers .

they are as dangerous as weapons and should be treated as such 
 My daughter lost her horse after being spooked and breaking her spine on 5th November  She suffered horrific injuries and we as a group demand change.

* There were no reports or witnesses of fireworks let off in the immediate location that she was kept at the time of reports she was down in her field  all names and location have been omitted to ensure privacy.

Fireworks were witnessed whilst the horse was being treated on the ground, from a distance.

Too many animals lose their lives each year on 5th November and surrounding weeks. This has to stop.


we support #bangoutoforder

we want change.