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Parent parking! Fine people who shouldn't be in parent and toddler parking spaces!

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Fine people who park in parent and child spaces if they haven't got a baby or toddler with them!

Including elderly and disabled..... I understand that they need to be able to get in and out of the car with ease, but there is no need to use a parent and child space when there are usually plenty of unused disabled spaces! A parent would get fined if they parked in a disabled space so why should people without children get away with it?

On several occasions I have been shopping on my own with my baby and have struggled to get a parent space. This has meant I have had to park in a normal space. I try my best to leave enough room to get the car seat in and out, but sometimes people park too close in the next space over. On a couple of occasions, when I've returned to the car I haven't been able to get the baby seat back in. This has meant that I have had to ask complete strangers to hold my baby, the most important thing in my world, so that I can get the car out of the space to be able to put the baby in.

Please help, it really is a struggle for parents when they have to use a normal parking space when the parent spaces are taken up by people who cpuld park somewhere else.

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