Change of law and legislation secret closed family courts to a open more transparent court

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The citizens and families of the United kingdom demand changes to the secret family court system.

We want secret family courts to become open courts more transparent  similar to criminal courts and have juries and appeal procedures .

And forced adoptions to try every avenue available for the baby child or children to stay within the family. Grandma brother sister aunty uncle etc. And if the child is a enforced adoption case the parent should have a right to a jury or appeal if the evidence of harm or future harm is based if's buts or maybes only. If Through passed mental health issues or being in foster care or adopted  themselves before having there own child.And how these future risks can be substantiated through if's buts and maybes or future risk concerns.


Also for a independent body to look at miscarriages of justice where adoptions are involved and a right to appeal dicisions made by family courts and social services .

Where lack of any evidence of any harm to any child has ever happened before any adoptions decisions can take place 

Also a independent body to look at children contact denial.When they is no evidence of any harm to a child physically emotionally or otherwise. 

And a appeal procedure and requests for a jury to hear a trial if the evidence is allegations and assumptions with no evidence of any harm to any child or children